small businesses shed light on copycats

Two designers find inspiration to collaborate with each other through unusual circumstances.

Here at CHILD, we’re really into supporting small Aussie brands. We recently came across a story of two Australian children’s fashion designers, sunny+finn and Ledgers Legs, who joined forces to produce a gorgeous tank after finding similarities between their brands.

Both Justine Youl, of sunny+finn and Danielle Bailey, of Ledgers Legs, were creating products they believed were unique, only to stumble across similar products through each other’s social media pages.

Realistically, this can happen very easily with fashion. Things like coincidence, similar inspirations and being ‘on trend’ all play a part. So they contacted each other, and pulled the similar products. This could have been where the story ended…

However, these two designers were already wary of the increase of the ‘copycats’ within the Australian children’s fashion market, who emulate popular designs and get them made offshore for much cheaper prices.

So they bonded over the serendipity of the situation, collaborated on the tank and now are using it to shed light on the issues facing small design businesses right now.

“When confronted with this unique situation, and having spoken with Danielle, we couldn’t help but laugh, and we understood we wanted the same thing and knew something positive would come of it,” sunny+finn’s Justine Youl said.

Here at CHILD we love sharing these types of local business stories. In this case, the girl gang vibe reigning supreme is just an added bonus!

Words: Lana Al Habl Featured Image: From Ledgers Legs