good karma gift guide

gifts from charities Australia

Give twice as much with these funky and karmic gift ideas.

I love all the awesome charity gifts on the market; personally my idea of a perfect gift is a chicken for someone in Uganda. But not everyone shares my enthusiasm. So here is a bunch of awesome present ideas that give to charity but can also be wrapped up and lovely gifted.

Lion Hand Puppet
 $24.95 Oxfam / Holga Basket $49.95 Oxfam / Cloth Nappy Bundle $39.00 Thankyou. / 24 Rolls of Toilet Paper $30 Who Gives A Crap / Mother and Child Tea Towel $15 St Kilda Mums / Summer Rain Candle $30 Collective One / Forest Friendly Tissues $24 Who Gives A Crap / Colours of the World Colouring Book $19.95 Rafiki Mwema / Malkia Mtoto Print by Cat Lee $25-$75 Rafiki Mwema / Inspire Bracelet $40 The Delta.Me Project / Donavon Singlet Onesie $35.95 Children of the Tribe / Musical Instruments $53.80 Save The Children / Gold Lace Glitz Shoes $84.95 Toms

And if you want some cards to go with them, check out Joyspreader, Oxfam Unwrapped and Rafiki Mwema.

Happy gifting,