diy christmas toys kids can make

diy kids christmas toys on child mags blog

Keep the kids entertained these Christmas holidays – content and crafting their own toys!

Let’s get Christmas crafting! The holidays are the best time for kids to be inspired to create and make things with their little hands.

Here are some of our faves that can be made with some already on-hand household items – like a simple cardboard box and coloured paper.

Happy crafting!

diy kids christmas toysSticks of wood, some ‘jingle bells’, embroidery hoop and coloured rubber bands make up these wooden musical instruments.

diy kids christmas toysDon’t throw your used tissue boxes out! Instead, use them to create a Christmas Village. Decorate the outside of the box with duct tape and stickers to look like houses.

diy kids christmas toysMake a fairy or angel garland from pom-poms, felt and wooden beads. So cute – a modern take on those traditional painted peg dolls.

diy kids christmas toysWe love a good dollhouse here at CHILD and this Christmas tree one is perfect for the season. Get your cardboard boxes and coloured paper ready.

diy kids christmas toysDo you have a mini artist in the house? They will love up-styling their paint smock into a smiling faced apron.

diy kids christmas toysHolidays are the best time to get out the board games! Now your kids can make their own mini Connect Four. For this one, kids may need some help from their parents.

diy kids christmas toysYou can’t go past traditional toys like the slingshot. A great use for those unwanted sticks roaming the backyard. Pom-poms are a good child-safe option for the ammo!

diy kids christmas toys on child mags blogIf you have a handy parent (or grandparent) in the house, have them cut up some wood into triangles for the kids to paint and turn into snowy mountains.

diy kids christmas toys on child mags blogUse a spare cardboard box to cut into a TV Set cubby house. Perfect for those little ones who like to play ‘hide and seek’ – or for your mini actors!

diy kids christmas toys on child mags blogGrab a Mason or spaghetti sauce jar. Fill it with a jolly snow scene. White pom-poms are ideal for making a snownman or making a falling snow mobile. Plus, decorations and ornaments will help make up the festive snowglobe too.

diy kids christmas toys on child mags blog

Fans of Disney’s Frozen will love these necklaces. Use plastic animals to hook on chains to make enchanted jewellery.

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Words: Jenna Templeton