11 things about kim

Who writes here? In this ‘11 Things About’ mini-series, the people behind child mags blog (hi!) let you in on a few of their quirks and secrets.

1. I am a first-generation Australian, but my children are seventh; descendants of the Third Fleet. 

2. My favourite word in the English language is ‘succinct’. I am usually not.

3. I am obsessed with Tudor England. Read: obsessed. I saw a clairvoyant once, in my twenties, and she said I was beheaded in 16th Century England (in a former life, obviously!).

4. My favourite author, hands down, is Margaret George – and the longest time it has taken me to read one of her books was three whole years. (Distractions, distractions!)

5. If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life it would be twiggy sticks. Or maybe dolmades? No, definitely twiggy sticks. 

6. I cry every time I hear the Australian national anthem. Every. Single. Time.

7. When I was seven I told everyone I wanted to be a gynaecologist. I didn’t really know what that was, but it always made adults uncomfortable, so I kept saying it.

8. My worst job at high school was behind the counter at a butcher’s shop. I lasted two shifts. 

9. My favourite country to visit? Il mio paese preferito da visitare? Did you guess? Buona!

10. When I was 20, I boasted I would be “just like Shirley Valentine” in my old age. When I turned 40, I Googled ‘How old was Shirley Valentine?’ and then I changed it to The Golden Girls

11. One thing I will never, ever do is parachute from a plane (unless it is on fire and that is my only chance).

Kim x