free printable super kawaii lunchbox notes

free printable Kawaii Lunch Box Notes

Who wants some free, printable super-kawaii (cute) lunchbox notes and jokes? Perfect for popping in a Bento box. 

Ok, I know it’s hard but back-to-school time is in full swing and it’s time to return to the real world.

Whether you’re looking forward to shipping them off or dreading the morning hustle, we’re doing our best to make the transition a little more fun for everyone involved.

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So who thinks their kids would enjoy some cute lunchbox notes or jokes? We made them with care and a fair amount of giggles!

*spoiler alert* The Feb mag has an article dedicated to Bento boxes in all their glory (including a list of 70 things you can put in a Bento-box), so we took inspiration from these kawaii (cute) lunches and designed our lunchbox notes to match.

Click here or on the images to print them out. Notes / Jokes



xoxo Babs