5 lunchbox mums to follow on instagram

lunch box mums to follow on Instagram

You guys loved our Bento Lunch article in the Feb mag – seriously, what a response! So we thought you might also love these five Instagram mums we think are rocking the dreaded lunchbox gig! 

Today we’re attacking the daily lunchbox struggle in the most practical way we can think of, via Instagram. Or more specifically, via awesome mums that we stalk follow for daily lunchspo, (coining it, totally a word!).

Child Mags Blog - Organised Housewife

@organised_house AKA The Organised Housewife. Although the straight-up lunchbox pics aren’t that common on her feed, she has some seriously handy tips when it comes to cooking in bulk, freezing lunchbox food and just generally rocking the whole feeding-the-kids thing. We love a blogger who genuinely makes her reader’s lives easier.


@wholefoodsimply is one of the most mouth-watering feeds around. Full of tasty and healthy bites perfect for little (and big) lunchboxes. Think chocolate bliss balls, mini muffins and a whole lot of other whole-food treats.

veggie mama lunch box

@Veggie_Mama is one of our fave foodie type ladies in Australia. When it comes to kids and veggies, she knows her stuff (funny that). Stacey has unfortunately stopped sharing images of her kids’ lunchboxes – but her food tips and backlog of images tagged #vmlunchbox should keep you pretty inspired.


@staceyclare_ahealthymum is some sort of superhero. She can get her kids to eat sardines and veggies all mashed up together. It may be some sort of sorcery, but whatevs. We are in awe of just about everything she does.


@healthylittlefoodies – AKA Amy the bona-fide food scientist, has such a great insight into the kids + good food conversation. She talks about things her kids will and won’t eat and how she exposes them to new tastes. It’s a really informative profile!

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Words + Featured image Barbara O’Reilly  (AKA our very own lunchbox mum  @patchworkcactus)