today at apple: everything aussie parents need to know

Today at Apple for Kids

What Apple’s big news means for parents of creative kids. 

Have you heard? Today Apple has announced they will be providing free educational sessions in all of their stores around the world, every day.

Let us break down exactly what that means and how it will be working.

What: Starting today, Apple stores will be running free workshops covering all sorts of different topics from how to edit a video to coding lessons. All are free and all devices are provided unless you want to bring your own, which is also fine.

Where: All around the world. In Australia, all 22 stores will have daily workshops that anyone can attend.

When: Every hour on the hour, every day. All Australian stores will be running on the same schedule.

How: Just register online then turn up.

So what does this mean for parents of creative kids? 

Depending on who you are, this could be a big deal. For some Aussie kids who live near one of the 22 Apple stores, it’s an absolute game changer. Not everyone can afford after-school activities, especially technically-based ones. Devices and tuition are expensive, and lots of parents wouldn’t even know where to start when it comes to teaching their kids coding or how to make music using Garage Band. Now you can just sign them up and send them off. There are no limits on how many workshops you can do either. So yeah, it’s basically a pretty epic social equaliser.

It’s not just for kids though. Teachers, creatives, seniors and well… anyone can attend the sessions. We love the thought of grandparents hanging with their grandkids at the genius bar learning to make animated illustrations on an iPad!

Here is a full list of workshops available.

Kids Hour

Kids create fun, hands-on projects. Designed to spark imagination and creativity, explore coding, storytelling, illustration, movie making, music and more.

Photo Walks
Explore the world around you and improve your iPhone photography skills on an inspiring photo walk.

Sketch Walks
Walk to new locations and learn how to sketch, paint and draw with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.
  • Edit and Mix Music on a Mac
  • Sketch, Draw and Paint with iPad
  • Edit Photos on iPhone
  • Shoot Photos with iPhone
  • Record Video with iPhone
  • Get Started with Coding
  • Edit Video on Mac
  • Grow Your Business
Studio Hours
Bring a project you’re working on or want to get started, and Apple creatives will help.
Teacher Tuesdays
Connect with teachers like yourself to collaborate and learn new skills through hands-on projects. Explore all the ways you can engage students aged 5 – 18, manage your classroom, and create learning experiences using an iPad.
Learn how to get started with the basics, navigate, stay up to date and feel confident about your product.