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We Love Quokkas on child mags blog

It’s no surprise that Quokkas are finally getting their spotlight in our regular ‘we love’ section this week, having their biggest fan, CHILD’s Digital Content Creator, Jenna Templeton in the office.

Quokkas are known as Australia’s happiest animal – if you don’t know what they are (shame on you – google them right now!), they’re super cute marsupials with bear like ears, button koala noses and inquisitive paws that are often holding a quality leaf. Their furry faces are always treating us with their cute smiles – you can look up #Quokkaselfie on Instagram for proof of this.

Quokkas make me happy and I have been known to visit zoos just to see them. I even have an encyclopaedia knowledge of the Quokka images page on Google (how adorbs is the one eating cheese?).

Yes! I’m obsessed! But with all the latest Quokka merchandise available lately – looks like the world is catching on and embracing these little cuties.

Here are some of my fave Quokka things – some I own and some are on the wishlist.

11 Thing A Quokka Fan Will Love on child mags blog

Olivia York ‘Australian Sweets’ Melamine Plate Set La La Land / Quokka Phone Case Nemki / Chokka Aka Quokka Easter Chocolate Rottnest Foundation / Quokka Petal Pot Carmen Hui / CA Australia Quokka Small Plush Toy Stuffed With Plush Toys / Quokka Illustration Art Print Carmen Hui / “Q is for Quokka” Postage Stamp Australia Post / Greeting Card “I Like You Quokka Lot” La La Land / Brooch Storybook Rabbit / Book Little Mates: Quietest Quokka by Susannah McFarlane Scholastic / “Q” for Quokka Reusable Tote Bag BioME5

Words + Flat-lay: Jenna Templeton / Lamington Quokka Illustration: Olivia York