child mags blog: a blog where we celebrate Australian motherhood, creativity and beautiful things.

We believe that there are many wonderful and valid ways to raise little humans and that everyone’s motherhood journey is unique. We also believe that said journey doesn’t need to take you far from your roots.

Things we love: fashion, nostalgia, Australiana, art, awesome houses, creative people, analogue toys, quokkas, design, smelly candles, trailblazers, picture books, celebrating, Disney movies, Instagram, awesome parenting magazines that have stayed in print for 25 years (CHILD Mag to be precise), kids clothing, photography, handmade anything, fairy bread, snail mail, good karma, fruit sandwiches, women and mamas.

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Before the blog, there was the magazine
CHILD Magazines is a free print publication that you can find in chemists, schools, medical centres, cafes etc. all around Australia. It’s also Australia’s largest parenting magazine (the readership is over one million).

You may recognise the mag as Adelaide’s CHILD, Brisbane’s CHILD, Canberra’s CHILD, Melbourne’s CHILD, Perth’s CHILD or Sydney’s CHILD. We have a website where you can find the best of the feature articles from the last month: childmags.com.au

This blog is a baby, having launched just last year, but the mag is a grown-up. In 2014, it celebrated its 25th birthday with our original founder and current publisher, mum and grandma, Joanna Love.


We are Barbara O’Reilly and Jenna Templeton; two women sharing our experiences as creatives (Jenna) and mothers (Barbara), while we scour Australia for our favourite people and things to share with you every day. We also work with the fabulous Natalie Ritchie, Kim Richards, Daisy Chein and Lana Al Habl to make things happen.

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