"The best parenting advice I’ve been given? I was told once that, there is no such thing as bad weather – just inappropriate clothing and that has always stuck."  

Babs, Patchwork Cactus

"“One of my earliest memories of the business, was of walking into the study after school and there was my mother breastfeeding my baby brother while selling advertising on the phone at the same time. The ultimate multitasker.”" Three Generations Of Loves
"It’s great for my kids to see me enjoying what I do, I love my job. I find it so exhilarating and challenging. I’d like my kids to look up to me and think, ‘Oh cool, I can be a great worker one day, and also be a great parent’." Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Chi Khi
"There’s always something creative going on. One-third of our living room is our craft area. I think by seeing their dad and I expressing ourselves by making all the time, the kids get inspired and want to join in." Kate Ulman, Foxs Lane.